Troop 818 maintains its own fleet of canoes and kayaks. Every summer Scouts head to a local body of water and participates in "Summers on the Water." Not only do the Scouts have great summer fun but we are working to prepare all out Scouts in our troop so that they will be ready to attend Northern Tier if they so choose. 

Here are some great resources and videos to help Scouts get prepared to earn the Canoeing and Kayaking merit badges as well as refresh older Scouts before heading out.

Canoeing Merit Badge Videos

Requirement 5a, 5d, and 7

In requirement 5a  you have to name and locate the major parts of a canoe, in requirement 5d you have to name and locate the parts of a paddle, and in requirement 7 you have to demonstrate paddling strokes.




Requirement 5g

In requirement 5g, you have to show how to properly fit and test a PFD



Requirement 5k

In requirement 5k, you have to use appropriate knots to secure a canoe to a rack or a vehicle


Kayaking Merit Badge Resources and Videos

Kayaking Resources

Kayaking Basics Animations:

Kayaking Videos

7a Forward Stroke and 7b Reverse Stroke


7c and 7d Forward and Backward Sweep Stroke


7e. Draw Stroke


7f. Stern Draw