BSA Troop818

Webelo's Weekend Nov 17-19, 2023

What do Scouts do? Maybe you should be asking what do we not do?

The Screaming Monkey Trebuchet - A trebuchet was used in the middle ages to lay siege to castles and hurl objects of up to 350lbs great distances. The Screaming Monkey is used to hurl pumpkins at the annual Spook-O-Ree at Will Rogers Scout Reservation. Check out the video.

Camping - Of course we go camping! From "random" trips to Black Mesa, camping on someones property to heading out to a state park, we enjoy spending time in the great outdoors!

Christmas Parade - We open the Scout Hut up to all Scouts the first Thursday in December for the Stillwater Christmas parade. All Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Crew members are encouraged to participate in the Stillwater Scout parade entry.

Christmas Party - The Troop holds an annual Christmas Party that is full of fun and games.

Civil War Era Dance Lessons

Civil War Era Dance Lessons - In order to help prepare our Scouts for a night of gentlemanly dancing at the Battle of Round Mountain Civil War Reenactment we hold dance lessons with moms and Scouts.

Yale Civil War Ball

Civil War Battle Reenactment and Ball - The Battle of Round Mountain takes place in Yale the first full weekend after Valentines Day. In addition to watching reenactors battle it out there is a Civil War Ball held during the weekend.

Stillwater Community Dinner

Community Dinner - The First United Methodist Church holds a weekly community dinner and Scouts are given an opportunity to earn service hours once a month.

Stillwater Relay for Life Honor Guard

Community Service - Raising flags, serving dinner and cleaning yards. These are just of the few opportunities Scouts at Troop 818 take advantage of to give back to the Stillwater and surrounding communities.

Court of Honor - The Court of Honor is when Scouts are recognized for their accomplishments and hard work. The entire family is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Cub Scouting - Our Troop enjoys helping Cub Scout Packs Go! We have assisted local Packs with outdoor fun days, crossovers and more.

Cycling - Our Scouts love to head out on their bikes. Whether it is working on the Cycling merit badge or just having fun, Scouts enjoy their time together.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Eagle Scout Court of Honor - When a Scout reaches the Eagle Scout rank there will traditionally be a special court of honor held in their honor. All Scouts and parents of the Troop are invited to attend this celebration. All Eagle Scouts (from the newest to those that are 80 or older) are invited to attend and encouraged to wear their Eagle medal. Scouts and Scouters are encouraged to wear your Scouting uniform.

Flag Retirements - "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

We recognize the responsibility we have to treat our country's symbols, such as the flag, with respect and dignity. Troop 818 is proud to provide a community service by retiring United States and Oklahoma flags.

If you have a flag that you would like to have retired please feel free to contact us or drop it off at the Scout Hut. We will retire your flag in a fitting way.

Great Southern Plains Rendezvous - The Cimarron Council's annual mountain man rendezvous held at Williams Scout Reservation near Cleo Springs, Oklahoma.

Lock-Ins - Sometimes you just want to have fun and maybe play some video games! We have been known to hold lock-ins throughout the year and provide an opportunity for Scouts to just hangout and have fun.

Mulch Madness - Mulch Madness is an activity of our chartering organization, the First United Methodist Church. We perform service to the church by helping out.

Cimarron Council Ouachita Trek

Ouachita Trek - A Spring Break adventure! Scouts from the Cimarron Council spend a week backpacking in the Ouachita Mountains.

Philmont High Adventure Base

Philmont - Philmont is just one of the BSA's High Adventure camps. Troop 818 regularly sends a contingent and the Scouts bring back many memories.

Ride of Silence - The Ride of Silence is a five mile bike ride beginning in downtown Stillwater and going around Boomer Lake and back. The ride is to honor fallen bicyclists all over the country. It has special meaning to our Troop as the Debra Miller, wife of our former Scoutmaster Steve Miller, was killed west of Stillwater while riding her bike. The ride is done with a police escort in front and back for the trip and participants ride in silence to pay tribute to the fallen cyclists.

Scout Sunday - We spend Scout Sunday at the First United Methodist Church and have the opportunity to participate in the service.

Summer Camp at Tom Hale

Summer Camp - Our troop attends summer camp every year. We have attended camp at Will Rogers Scout Reservation next to Cleveland, Hale Scout Reservation in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeast Oklahoma and Tres Rios located int he Carson National Forest near Sipapu, New Mexico.

Summers on the Lake - Troop 818 likes to hold our summer meetings on the water. Our troop has our own canoes and spends time on Lake McMurtry, Boomer Lake and other bodies of water near Stillwater.

Trappers' Rendezvous - A gathering of mountain men and Scouts held on Martin Luther King Holiday weekend each January. Many Troops from the Cimarron Council head to Burton, Kansas for this fun event.

What else do Scouts do? - Scouts are everywhere. They are members of the middle school, junior high and high school band, play sports like baseball, basketball and football. Scouts are active in their local church and serve in leadership positions in school and the community. Scouts are members of 4H, FFA and more. In short, Scouts are everywhere!